Best Festival or Event Under $75,000 Budget

This is worth 40% of your judging score. Describe the purpose and any other supporting information that explains what occurred during the event. What are your measurable results? What was the intended outcome of the event? (Limited to 3000 characters)
Submit spreadsheet for 2019. Income and expenses/profit and loss statement
Include any economic data or community influence. Describe how your community was engaged in the planning and decision-making process of your event. You may also include community feedback.
How did you promote the event? Please include any marketing materials used to promote your event. Brochures, posters, print media or photos. You may submit a link to video. You are limited to six attachments.
What is the unique factor that makes people come to your event? What makes your event the best in the Southeast?
Environmental footprint, economic impact, history of fundraising? Please share anything else that you think the judges should hear about your event. You are limited to 1500 characters.