Best Event Within an Event

Please describe the event in detail. What was the purpose/intention of the event? Why was it created? Can you justify with measurable results if it made the impact you intended it to? Will this new event become a regular event? How does your event support/add to the experience of the original event? This is worth 20% of your score. You are limited to 3000 characters.
Submit spreadsheet for 2019. Income and expenses/profit loss. Attach below.
Include any economic data or community influence. Describe how your community was engaged in the planning and decision making process of your event. You may also include community feedback.
How did you promote the event? Please include any marketing materials used to promote your event. This might include include brochures, posters or other types of print media. You may attach a link to a video. You are limited to 4 attachments and one link below. This is worth 20% of your score.
What characteristic would make someone want to come to your event? What makes it the best in the southeast?
Please share anything else that you think the judges should hear about your event. You are limited to 1500 characters.